from me.

Hello, babes.

Please always remember no one is ever alone. No one should ever be alone. This community may be anonymous, but it exists. Every story is part of someone; my story is part of me.

Talking about our trauma begins to release whatever hold it has left on us. It doesn’t define your worth.

Endless love,




“The first time I had sex with my ex boyfriend was the worst sexual experience. I had told him I liked ‘rough’ sex but I wasn’t expecting to be called a “stupid bitch” or have his hands shoved in my mouth. After a while he even took the condom off because he apparently couldn’t get off while wearing one and didn’t bother telling me. I didn’t realize how wrong that was until now. We went on to have great sex but all in all, there shouldn’t have been any other chances after the first time.”


“It started at 16. I wasn’t ready and he wasn’t okay with that, but I felt obligated. He thought it would be ‘fun’ to hit me, he thought it would be fun to choke me. I let it happen because it made him happy, and I wanted him to be happy, so it was worth the pain for him to be happy.”


thank you, a million times over.

Between May 10th and 11th, countless people opened up to me. They were wanted to have conversations about our culture, social climate, their personal experiences and every way sexual assault has had an impact on their lives.


The conversation was open and participation was optional, everything was left open ended. Some outlined an entire experience, some spoke solely to the ones who were there and didn’t help, others wrote emotions, a few discussed the aftermath, some looked at their partner’s assaults and the impact it’s had on their relationship, several opted to send their stories via email. And this is all I wanted because we – literally everyone out there – need to open up and acknowledge these things that are happening every single day.

Thank you, everyone, for your willingness to be transparent. Thank you for being strong.

Rolling out every Friday at noon, one at a time.



“When I was around 10-11 I was violated by a family member. I was unaware of what was actually going on or really what to call what happened. I thought because he was a family member it was okay. I still haven’t told my family because I’m afraid what they’ll say and might blame me being gay for it.”