“a boy I just met at a party gave me 3 xanax and then slept with me after I told him I didn’t want to sleep with anyone.”




“I have a friend who was sexually assaulted by multiple people. Seeing her with PTSD and her paranoia now, is upsetting. It’s hard to just hangout casually with her because she’s always so afraid. It makes my heart hurt. I don’t know why people are shit. Who would do that to a person?”



“When I was just 11 years old my mom had a boyfriend. At first when my sister and I met him we thought he was a great boyfriend for our mom then he had a sudden interest in me and kept touching me inappropriately then raped me repeatedly till I became 15 years old. He went to jail but not for life only till I’m 28 and now I’m 20 years old.”*


* some spelling has been adjusted for clarity. I do not touch punctuation or re-word any stories.


“I fortunately, have only had one experience where a blind date for the afternoon took me into a barn while the others were looking around the farm. He was big, attractive, strong but not a bit interested in me. Once in the barn he starting kissing and fondling me. I wasn’t much into it since I didn’t know him but he was determined. Eventually, he had me down on the straw and was trying to pull off my clothes. I resisted as hard as I could and he backed off. It was so unpleasant to know that someone could overwhelm me, have no feelings for me and only think of himself.”